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Every month Justin has a colum in TVGuide’s ReMIND Magazine called “Roadside Memories,” where he spotlights a shuttered attraction from yesteryear. In addition, he has served as Guest Editor for several special October editions of the magazine, first with an all-HALLOWEEN-franchise magazine in 2021 and then a MUNSTERS-themed issue in 2022. Links to order both are below. You can subscribe to ReMIND and keep up with Roadside Memories and much more at


The past is a blast! Every month I have a column in TVGuide’s ReMIND magazine called “Roadside Memories” that focuses on shuttered amusement parks and tourist traps chronicling those precious places that have provided generations with unforgettable travel stops. Every few years I also have the honor of stepping in as Guest Editor of the magazine for their October issue where I bring focus to a treasured topic/show/film series related to the autumnal season. ReMIND offers fresh takes on popular entertainment from days gone by. Each issue has dozens of brain-teasing puzzles, trivia quizzes, classic comics and monthly themed features from the 1950s-1990s! ReMIND is published monthly and has a great vintage rag feel and look that offers hours of entertainment with puzzles and features that look back at the entertainment we adore. Details and links to subscription and back issues below.


Here are direct links to October issues for which I served as Guest Editor…


For this issue I brought together a group of incredible writers to examine the HALLOWEEN film franchise and the cultural impact it has had. Contributors include Jerry Smith, Paul Doro, BJ Colangelo, Ben Scrivens, Anthony C Ferrante, Chris Alexander, Nat Brehmer, and Heather Wixson. My contributions include new interviews with John Carpenter, David Gordon Green (Blumhouse HALLOWEEN trilogy director), Michael Dougherty (filmmaker and office resident at the Myers House in South Pasadena, CA), and Chris Zephro and Justin Mabry of Trick or Treat Studios.





For this issue I chose a focus on THE MUNSTERS television series, films, and new movie from Rob Zombie. I have new interviews with Butch Patrick, “Eddie Munster” in the original series and films, and Rob Zombie, director of 2022’s THE MUNSTERS film.

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