by | Mar 26, 2020

“Impossible,” Tank Girl director Rachel Talalay says when considering the film’s fast-approaching 25th Anniversary on March 30th. Talalay and star Lori Petty will be celebrating the groundbreaking movie’s milestone on Twitter the afternoon of Monday the 30th with a live-Tweet watch-along beginning at 12noon PT. “We were filming a few months ago, I swear,” she continues. “Time is so non-linear.”

Petty and Talalay last reunited in 2013 for a commentary track on Shout! Factory’s Collector’s Edition Tank Girl Blu-ray, a disc that also features stand-alone interviews with them and production designer (and Twilight director) Catherine Hardwicke. In 2020, however, Talalay finds herself considering the film’s place in history. “Is it still ahead of its time?” she ponders. “Did the movie actually spark the #MeToo hashtag?”

Inspired by her social media experience with fans of Doctor Who, the celebrated BBC series she has directed many episodes of, Talalay sees this as a chance to light the candles and bring fans together during a challenging time. “Twitter has told me people are watching it as a ‘feel better’ during their #StayHome,” the filmmaker relates. “The Doctor Who community has really come together with live-Tweets of episodes and that inspired me that Tank Girl needs her movie birthday celebrated.”

Fans can follow Rachel (@rtalalay) and Lori (@loripetty) and be on Twitter at noon Pacific on March 30th to watch along, ask questions, share stores, and celebrate all things Tank Girl. When it comes to what people can expect, Talalay laughs, “Lori Petty and I will be dueling insanity on Twitter. I’ve also invited comedian friend K.C. Novak (@funnygirlblues) who does movie roasting to add some abuse to the chatter.”

Tank Girl is currently available on Amazon/Amazon Prime and the aforementioned disc from Shout! Factory for watching along. Amazon does offer a free 7-day trial for those who aren’t already subscribers. Pow-pow!

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