Special Features

Brain, The:

• Audio Commentary with director Ed Hunt
• Audio Commentary with composer Paul Zaza
• Audio Commentary with actor Tom Bresnahan
• Canada on the Mind – an interview with actress Cynthia Preston
• From Monster Kid to Monster Man – an interview with actor George Buza
• Brain Art – an interview with assistant art director Michael Borthwick
• Food for Thought: A Love Letter to THE BRAIN

Silent Hill:

  • Interview With Director Christophe Gans
  • A Tale Of Two Jodelles – An Interview With Actress Jodelle Ferland
  • Dance Of The Pyramid – An Interview With Actor Roberto Campanella
  • Interview With Makeup-Effects Artist Paul Jones
  • Path Of Darkness: The Making of Silent Hill – A Six-Part Documentary
  • The Making Of Silent Hill Vintage Featurette
  • On Set Interviews And Behind-The-Scenes Footage

Tank Girl:

  • Audio Commentary with Director Rachel Talalay and Actress Lori Petty
  • Interviews: Lori Petty and Production Designer Catherine Hardwicke

Vice Squad:

  • Audio Commentary With Director Gary Sherman And Producer Brian Frankish
  • Tracking The Beast – An Interview With Actor Gary Swanson
  • Of Poltergeist And Neon Lights – An Interview With Director Gary Sherman
  • Hollywood Magic – An Interview With Producer Brian Frankish
  • The Roots Of Reality – An Interview With Actress Beverly Todd
  • Catching A Killer – An Interview With Actor Pepe Serna
  • Princess Driver – An Interview With Actor Michael Ensign
  • Hollywood Streetwalking – A Look At The Locations
  • Audio Commentary With Director Gary Sherman

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