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Scream Factory has announced the special features on their upcoming deluxe blu-ray edition of SILENT HILL, including all the great new Reverend Entertainment content! SILENT HILL lands on July 9th and can be pre-ordered HERE. Below is a detailed breakdown of all the features, including who is involved and what you can expect from this very special release.

NEW Features from Reverend Entertainment
– Audio commentary with cinematographer Dan Laustsen
Dan and I go in-depth in a discussion not just about the stunning artistry of SILENT HILL, but also about his many years of working with Guillermo Del Toro, the JOHN WICK films, and more. It is a course in not only cinematography, but in the film business.

– Interview with director Christophe Gans
This in-depth interview with Christopher is so long at well over an hour that we broke it up into multiple pieces. It is a career-spanning discussion about everything from filmmaking in France to his incredibly sincere approach to SILENT HILL and how important input from fans of the game was, on to how important it is to remain true to your vision when bringing a story to life. A rare, valuable discussion that offers much for fans as well as filmmakers.

– A TALE OF TWO JODELLES – An Interview with Jodelle Ferland
This 30-minute conversation is a fascinating look into the life of Jodelle Ferland as she played arguably the most important role in SILENT HILL. Not included on any previous special features, this is the first time Jodelle has spoken out about what it was like to be part of such an adventurous production so early in her life.

– DANCE OF THE PYRAMID – An Interview with Actor Roberto Campanella
This feature length interview with Roberto reveals his fascinating backstory as a celebrated ballet dancer, leading up to his arrival in Canada and eventually the set of SILENT HILL. So many great stories in this discussion with one of the most revered cinematic icons in horror as he breaks down the many hats he wore on the set of this film.

– Interview with makeup effects artist Paul Jones
Running over an hour, the discussion with Paul Jones starts in his youth, when he was dreaming of creating monster makeup, through to SILENT HILL where he was not only challenged with stunning new creations, but also made a cameo on-screen. This is the definitive look at the career of one of the most important figures in makeup effects today, and is not to be missed.

This six-part documentary was made during production and includes Radha Mitchell, Deborah Kara Unger, Laurie Holden, Sean Bean, Christophe Gans, Samuel Hadida, Don Carmody, Roger Avary, Andrew Mason, Alice Krige, Carol Spier, Steve Lucescu, and others.

Vintage featurette from the film’s initial release

– On set interviews and behind the scenes footage

– Photo galleries

Pre-order SILENT HILL today from Shout Factory and get a poster with your disc, or head to Amazon and order up there. 



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