H2 Scream Mag Cover

by | Jan 17, 2019

My exhaustive retrospective/Rob Zombie interview on HALLOWEEN II has been honored with the cover of the Mar/Apr 2019 issue of Scream Magazine! This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the release of this beautiful, pitch black, misunderstood film. It really is one of Rob’s best, and set him on a course creatively that led to what we saw in LORDS OF SALEM and beyond. The stories behind the production are fascinating, and Rob shares it all in this ultimate exploration of his last dance with Michael Myers.

It is a real honor to work with Scream editor Rich, who really let me stretch my legs on this piece. He also picked up a monstrous retrospective on a certain demonic franchise that I have been trying to find a home for for many years. More on that and other upcoming articles as news lands.

Street date for he Mar/Apr issue is not yet known, but you can subscribe and pick up back issues HERE to ensure you don’t miss a bloody beat!

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