by | Apr 21, 2020

The first three releases that are part of the new Paramount Presents Blu-ray series are now available. KING CREOLE, TO CATCH A THIEF, and FATAL ATTRACTION are leading the exciting new brand’s rollout in style with beautiful packaging featuring each film’s original poster art, new special features, and more. Details on the first three below. All can be ordered wherever you get your discs.

KING CREOLE special features
– Filmmaker Focus: King Creole
– Plays the songs directly by selecting scenes

FATAL ATTRACTION special features
– Commentary by director Adrian Lyne
– Filmmaker Focus: Adrian Lyne on Fatal Attraction
– Rehearsal footage
– Aleternate ending with introduction by director Adrian Lyne
– Original theatrical trailer

TO CATCH A THIEF special features
– Commentary by Dr. drew Casper, Hitchcock film historian
– Filmmaker Focus: Leonard Maltin on To Catch A Thief
– Behind the Gates (2009): Cary Grant and Grace Kelly
– Original theatrical trailer

Future Paramount Presents titles include FLASHDANCE, DAYS OF THUNDER, and PRETTY IN PINK.

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