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I love the freedom of podcasting. Over the years, I have been a guest on a number of fantastic shows, including as a founding member on Attack Of The Killer Podcast in 2012. The conversation is almost always about horror cinema, which is a lot of fun to dig into. After a short time, work and life intervened, pushing me off of AOTKP full time, but I hop back on when possible, also appearing on Land Of The Creeps with relative regularity.

Often, my favorite parts of digging into a topic or film are often the side roads. The same holds true for interviews I do for magazines. Some of my most treasured moments with people like John Cusack and Crispin Glover were when we veered off topic into uncharted territory, rich with enthusiasm because it existed outside of the copy-paste talking points that are always in play during chats with media. While an article for print is constrained to a prescribed word count, podcasting tears the roof off of restrictions, offering limitless timelines and room for all the side roads one wants to explore. No art is one thing, and no artist approaches their art from one perspective. The bottom line: That is where the Radio Hour comes in.

The main focus will be on film, featuring interviews with people from all over entertainment. In addition, I want to explore other topics relating to fandom, social issues, life and beyond. Planning on occasional live episodes, film/event tie-ins, and whatever else comes up. Relaxed and conversational.

Episodes will run an hour to an hour and a half, and will land every other Sunday, beginning July 10th. You will be able to get the show via all the usual platforms (iTunes, Stitcher, etc) as well as here on my site. The best way to keep up with the show right now is to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. I am very excited about the show, and would be honored if you would tune in and check it out.

Info on the first episode soon. Talk to you in July!

Show music by Timothy Andrew Edwards
Show logo by Kevin Spencer

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