“The new extra features produced by Justin Beahm are extraordinary.” – Filmmaker Magazine

The audio commentary with Butch Patrick and Rob Zombie is a lively discussion about the history of the film and Butch Patrick’s work on it, with Justin Beahm occasionally stepping in to ask questions during quieter moments. It’s an excellent commentary as the three address many facets of both the show and the film, and actually surpasses the film in terms of entertainment value.” – thedigitalbits

“Its a release like this that make me so thankful for the boutique labels and the production companies like Reverend Entertainment that show they CARE about something like this and give us such a passionate, driven amount of bonus materials to go with a terrific looking restoration…Reverend Entertainment delivers first class entertainment and film education, leaving fans feeling full on satisfaction.” – WhySoBlu

“The shining point of the extras here, as we have an excellent documentary on the making of the film with new interviews from a lot of the cast and crew. They discuss everything from the ending, the visual effects, the locations, some real romances during filming, and much more. This was a lot of fun and well worth your while to watch.” – High Def Digest

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